*Regular – 10 Pieces |  Large – 20 Pieces   | Jumbo – 42 Pieces

 *Regular – 10 Pieces  |  Large – 20 Pieces  | Jumbo – 42 Piece

  *Regular – 10 Pieces  |  Large – 20 Pieces  | Jumbo – 42 Pieces 

  *Regular – 8 Pieces |  Large – 16 Pieces   | Jumbo – 32 Pieces

Veg Club

Non Veg Club

Veg Club

Non Veg Club



    Make your party 🥳 memorable with luxury of Live #Barbecue 🔥 at your place. Select delicious 😍 grills and kebabs from our 100 plus varieties of Veg and Non veg barbeque menu. Also available in #Jain prepration and for #Vegans. Our Chef 👨‍🍳 will reach your location with Charcoal, Grill, Marinated Items, Butter and Sauces to make the setup ready in your kitchen, balcony or terrace. Veg Barbeque menu, Vegan Barbeque menu, Chicken barbeque menu, Mutton Barbeque menu, Seafood barbeque menu

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    BBQ At Your Home

    By Evendusk Celebrations Pvt. Ltd.

    Barbeque setup on charcoal grills with Chef and sauces. Order us for:

    BBQ at Birthday Party
    BBQ at Kitty Party
    BBQ at Marriage
    BBQ at Outing and Picnic
    BBQ at Office Party
    BBQ at Events
    BBQ at Home with family

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